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Karen Dolmanisth

Multimedia Artist

Selected Reviews

2015 GREENFIELD RECORDER, “SYNCHRONICITY, Dolmanisth Takes Her Art Where It Leads Her”
Trish Crapo
2013 THE BOSTON GLOBE, “Festival of Sound and Performance Art”
Cate McQuaid
2012 ARTSCOPE MAGAZINE, “Amherst Biennial 2012”
Gregory Morrell
2010 ARTSCOPE MAGAZINE, “Amherst’s Joyful Biennial”
Gregory Morrell
2009 FIRST CITY, DELHI, INDIA, “Everywhere / Nowhere, Spiritual Temperament in Current American Art”
Siri Fort
Gregory Morrell
2006 THE NEW YORK TIMES “The Studio Visit”
Roberta Smith
2006 NY1
Stephanie Simon
2005 FreeNYC, “Franklin Furnace Archives” re: EXIT ART Prayingproject
2005 BRIDGES, Publication on Science and Technology, re: EXIT ART Prayingproject
Philip Steger
2004 SPRINGFIELD RECORDER, “Canal Knowledge, Holyoke’s Mind-Bending Art Exhibit”
Pat Cahill
2003 ART IN AMERICA, “Smack Mellon”
Lilly Wei
2002 THE NEW YORK TIMES, “Sacred Matter”
Holland Cotter
2000 THE WASHINGTON POST, “Forget SOHO, Now It’s D.U.M.B.O., Forsaken Warehouse District, NY’s Latest Art Home”
Blake Gopnik
1994 NEW YORK MAGAZINE, “Dance Of Life And Death”
Kay Larson
1994 THE NEW YORK TIMES, “Making A Statement With Castoff Objects”
William Zimmer
1994 DIE PRESSE, DER STANDARD, Vienna, Austria, “Secession”
Georg Schollhammer
1994 KURIER, Vienna, Austria, “Beautiful, Run Down, Raunchy and Very Touching”
Henriette Horny
1994 SALZBURGER NACHRICHTEN, Vienna, Austria, “The Age Is Given Its Art Again”
Jana Wisniewski
1994 FALTER, Vienna, Austria, “Just No Shit”
Mark Wailand
1994 ART IN NEW ENGLAND, “Creating an Exhibition / RESURRECTION / ‘Objects With New Souls”
Sal Scalora
1994 THE HARTFORD COURANT “Recycled Art”
Owen McNally
1993 NEWSWEEK MAGAZINE, “Summing Up Doom And Gloom”
Peter Plagens
1993 THE NEW YORK TIMES, “Assemblages Offer Views Of The Spiritual”
Vivien Raynor
1992 VILLAGE VOICE, “Give Me Fever”
Elizabeth Hess