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GAIA, I, Thou

By Karen Dolmanisth | April 22, 2020

GAIA, I, Thou   Gaia, I, Thou Breathe In long, deep, Shoulders rise, spine aligns Again, Slower, Longer, more deeply. A third. Exhale, Shoulders, drop Forehead temple lifts Drop chin softly, Rotate skull easy, fluid, loosely pivot Exhale full, Flow Awareness   Down. Feet touching earth, pelvis base – Parallel Head, shoulders, pelvis … Read more

Sculpture Installation with thread, glass, coastal shell, sand and ancient volcanic ground rock

By Karen Dolmanisth | April 22, 2020

SCULPTURE INSTALLATION WITH THREAD , GLASS, COASTAL SHELL, SAND AND ANCIENT VOLCANIC GROUND ROCK Artists statement For Step In Time, at Coastal Contemporary Gallery, Newport, RI   For about thirty years I have been developing sculpture installation commissions utilizing thread to activate inner space and create abstract geometric drawings in space. The sculpture … Read more

dolmanisth, SEA LIGHT & DARK, paintings and Sculpture installation, Coastal Contemporary Gallery, newport, Rhode Island, Step In Time, with ken steinkamp and Gunnar norquist, april 2020, Video by shari weschler, ccg curator & director

By Karen Dolmanisth | April 8, 2020

Place As Muse

By Karen Dolmanisth | February 17, 2020

Where Water Meets Land Geology The Rhode Island coast is one of the geographical regions that has a history of original inspiration and influence in the evolution of my artistic practice as a multi-media visual artist. The other three original regions of “Place as Muse”, are the Berkshire Hills of Connecticut and Massachusetts, … Read more


By Karen Dolmanisth | January 18, 2020

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