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Magic Meal, Holy Reds

The Alternative Art School, Master Class with Aaron Gach, Maximum Magic, Professional Development Coursework, Assignment A Ceremonial Meal, Symbolism, Myth, Religion, Magic, Philosophy, Mythology, Dolmanisth project working with Goddesses of Initiation in Mythology, Inanna, Kore Persephone, Vasslisa The Wise, Grief and mourning, Cycles of Life, and Rebirth, Blood Mysteries, Eleusinian Mysteries, Her Blood Is Gold, Primordial Scared Life Blood of Female Moon Menses, Lunar Calendars, Marchak, Ancient Cave Paintings, Altar, Without Wounding, Sacred, Holy, Red, Pomegranates, Beets, Radishes, Wine, Red Grapes, Red Wine, Poke Root Berries, stain, stigma